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Bariloche is one of the most visited destinations in Argentina. Both foreign and local tourists visit this beautiful city in Patagonia throughout the year. In this post I will tell you which are the best areas and hotels to stay in Bariloche.

Where should you stay in Bariloche?

As an argentinian myself Bariloche is one of my favourite places in the country. I’ve been there quite a few times and tried different types of accommodation.

To choose the area where you should stay in Bariloche you have to consider what your priorities and interests are.

Bariloche is a very popular winter destination due to Cerro Catedral ski center. If you travel in winter to practice snow sports, obviously it will be convenient for you to stay near this area.

But if you plan on traveling in another season instead you can opt for other areas. In the city center you will find more variety of accommodation and prices. This area is ideal if you are not going to rent a car since many day tours start from here and there are also public buses connecting different areas (although the frequency isn’t great).

If instead you are planning on renting a car, you can choose a hotel on Av. Bustillo, a little further from the center. If you are going to travel in summer I recommend choosing a hotel near Playa Bonita.

If it’s a hiking trip, it is best to stay in the Circuito Chico or Lake Gutierrez area, to be close to the start of many trails and surrounded by nature.

Below I will detail each area and recommend the best hotels.

Where to stay in Bariloche: best areas and hotels


Cheaper prices

Variety of shops and restaurants

Very touristy

The center of the city of Bariloche is the area with most accommodation offer. Also as expected in any city center you will find a great variety of shops (specially chocolate ones!) and restaurants. If you aren’t planning on renting a car, it is the best area to stay since from here you can take a bus or tours to other areas.

However, I do not recommend staying in the city center if what you are looking for is to be surrounded by nature.

Recommended hotels in the center of Bariloche:

Dónde alojarse en Bariloche: centro

The view from Hostel Inn Bariloche


Lake views

Quiet area

Hoteles have more category

You need to have a car

If you are looking for a good location to explore Bariloche but you want to get away from the crowds, I recommend you stay in one of the hotels on Av. Bustillo. This route skirts the lake and goes from the city center to Circuito Chico. There are many hotels located in front of the lake, with spectacular views. You can also find many restaurants located on Av. Bustillo.

Some hotels are also near the city center and you can walk there if you don’t have a car. But the vast majority of hotels are located further away and the best option is to rent a car.

Recommended hotels in Av. Bustillo:

Dónde alojarse en Bariloche: El Casco

La vista desde la habitación del hotel El Casco


Quiet area

Hoteles have more category

A bit isolated

Circuito Chico is a 17-kilometer route that offers the most spectacular views of Bariloche. On this route is the Llao Llao peninsula, where the emblematic LLao Llao Hotel is located. Obviously it is an expensive hotel but if you have the opportunity to stay here I recommend you do so as it is a unique experience. Beyond this hotel, there are other places where you can stay within the Circuito Chico area.

Recommended hotels in Circuito Chico:

Dónde alojarse en Bariloche: LLAO LLAO


Best area if you’re skiing

High prices during high season

If you’re visiting Bariloche in winter to enjoy Cerro Catedral ski resort, it is clearly going to be convenient for you to stay near this area. It is expensive during winter, so the sooner you can book your accommodation the better. At the base of the ski resort you will find several hotels, as well as restaurants and shops.

Recommended hotels in Catedral:



Surrounded by nature

Close to Cerro Catedral

Few options

A good option whether you travel in winter or in summer to do trekkings and be in contact with nature. This lake of glacial origin is surrounded by forests and beautiful landscapes. There aren’t a lot of accommodations in the area but it’s totally worth it. It has a small center with some restaurants and shops.

Recommended hotels in Lago Gutierrez:

I hope this complete guide on where to stay in Bariloche has been useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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Where to stay in Bariloche, Argentina Where to stay in Bariloche, Argentina Where to stay in Bariloche, Argentina

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