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If you are planning a trip to Alsace, Colmar is a destination that you can’t miss. It is considered one of the most beautiful towns in France and is undoubtedly a special destination to spend Christmas in Europe. In this post I tell you all the essential things you have to see in Colmar so you don’t miss anything during your visit.

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1. Petite Venise

The most visited point in Colmar is Petite Venise (“Little Venice”), an area full of colorful houses on the banks of the Launch River. It’s all super picturesque and very photogenic. Of course, being the most visited area there are always a lot of people, but it is still worth it!

Qué ver en Colmar

2. Colmar free walking tour

Something I like to do when arriving in any new city is take a free tour to learn about its history. So when you arrive to Colmar I recommend taking a free tour of Colmar to have a general overview of the city and learn some curiosities.

Qué hacer en Colmar

3. Rue des Marchands

The most important street in Colmar is Rue des Marchands, where many important buildings of the city such as the Pfister House are located. It is a beautiful area both day and night, when the little lights that decorate the facades of the houses are turned on. Qué visitar en Colmar

4. Christmas markets in Colmar

Obviously if you travel to Colmar during Christmas one of the great attractions are its Christmas markets.

Best Christmas markets in Colmar:

  • Place des Dominicains: the best-known Christmas market in Colmar. They sell decorations and crafts.
  • Place de l’Ancienne Douane: a market with lots of stalls selling crafts, decorations and food.
  • Koïfhus:a covered market inside the old customs building. It especially sells crafts.
  • Place Jeanne d’Arc: small market decorated like a traditional town in the region.
  • Petite Venise: a great market to take the children as it has a lot of games to enjoy.
  • Place de la Cathédrale: a market exclusively for local foods. There you can try some of the typical dishes of the Alsace region like vin chaud, Spätlze, Bretzels or Baeckeoffe.

Mercados de Navidad en Colmar

5. Maison des Têtes

One of the buildings that will catch your attention in Colmar is the Maison de las têtes (the house of the heads). And its façade is decorated with more than 100 heads. The house is from 1609 in Renaissance style and today it is a hotel and restaurant.

Que ver en Colmar, Alsacia

6. Maison Pfister

Another very important building in Colmar is the Maison Pfister, a medieval construction built in 1537 that is one of the oldest in Colmar.

Que ver en Colmar, Alsacia

7. Statue of Liberty

A very curious fact about Colmar is that the creator of the famous Statue of Liberty, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, was originally from Colmar. For this reason, you will see that on one of the roundabouts leading into the city there is a replica of the original statue in New York. This statue was made to commemorate the death of the author. You will notice that throughout the city there are plaques on the floor that indicate the direction towards the statue.

8. Place de la Cathedrale

One of the central points of the city is the Place de la Cathedrale. Here is the Collegiate Church of Saint Martin, one of the most important Gothic churches in Alsace.

The church was built in the 12th century and stands out for its 70-meter-high tower.

9. Bartholdi Museum

As the creator of the Statue of Liberty nation Colmar, he clearly has his own museum in the city, located on the site where Bartholdi was born.

A visit for those who want to know more about the life and work of the famous sculptor.

10. Alsatian Villages

A trip to Alsace is not complete without visiting some of its towns and from Colmar you can take many excursions so don’t miss the opportunity to visit the most picturesque towns in the region.


Where to stay in Colmar

Colmar is a very good option to base yourself and explore Alsace. It is a small city but it has many accommodation and restaurant options and is also well connected to the rest of the cities in Alsace. Here are some recommended hotels in Colmar:

  • Hôtel Turenne: one of the cheapest hotels you will find during Christmas season, located near the Saint Martin church.
  • Colmar Hotel: a little far from the historic center but ideal if you travel by car as it has free parking.
  • Le Colombier: a beautiful hotel located in the historic center of Colmar. Very good rating and spacious rooms.

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What to see in Colmar, France Things to do in Colmar

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