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Peru is a huge country with a wide variety of climates and regios so choosing which clothes to bring to your trip can be quite confusing. This post is the ultimate Peru packing list for 2 weeks.

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What’s the weather like in Peru

The first thing to consider when packing your clothes for your trip to Peru is the climate of the cities and areas you are going to visit. It is always good to check the weather a few days before you travel.

Being such a large country it is possible you will find different climates and temperatures in the same trip. An area of Peru has a tropical climate and there are no major differences in weather between summer and winter, and on the other hand the area near the Andes mountain range has alpine or high mountain climate.

This is the weather in some of the main destinations in Peru:

  • Weather in Machu Picchu:

The climate is marked by 2 seasons: rainy season (November to March) and dry season (April to October). It is important to pack a waterproof jacket during both seasons as nobody knows when the rain starts, even in the dry season.. The dry season is the sunniest and also the coldest (in July the temperature can reach -2°C).

For more info about Machu Picchu read: How to visit Machu Picchu on your own.

  • Weather in Cusco:

Cusco has a temperate weather (from 0 to 21°C) and the same seasons as Machu Picchu: rainy season and dry season. In the evenings and mornings the weather is colder so make sure you pack a sweater.

  • Weather in Lima:

Lima is a city with humid and cloudy climate almost all year round. In summer (December to April) the temperature is around 30°C and in winter (June to October) the average temperature is 16°C. It doesn’t get really cold, but pack some coat just in case.

  • Climate in Huacachina:

Huacachina Oasis has an arid and warm climate all year round. Temperatures range from 25°C to 30°C. Even if you travel in winter it is important to wear sunscreen, and light clothing.

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What to pack for Peru

The clothes you pack for a trip to Perú will obviously depend on season you travel and what places you plan on visiting. This is a list for you to take as an example and modify it according to your trip.


  • Leggings

You will be wearing leggings all the time, specially for hiking.

  • 1 pair of jeans

It is always essential to pack 1 or 2 jeans to use to go out at night or do some activity in the cities.

  • Thermal T-shirt

A thermal t-shirt is an essential I pack for any trip. Cusco mornings are usually cold so it is really useful to weat a thermal t-shirt and then take it off during the day. I have a thermal T-shirt from Uniqlo but you can also get one on Amazon.

  • T-Shirts

You will need 4/5 T-shirts to wear every day, especially if you plan to trek.

  • 1 dress

You can pack 1 lightweight dress to wear in Lima (if you travel in summer) or Huacachina.

What clothes to bring to Peru - Downloadable travel list

  • 1 sweater

No matter in which season you travel, bring at least 1 sweater or hoodie. In Cusco you can buy the typical llama and alpaca sweaters which are very comfortable and useful for the trip.

  • 1 pair of shorts

If you are traveling in summer season or plan to visit a beach or Huacachina.

  • 1 pair of light pants

Pack some light pants that will be useful for the flight and to visit cities like Lima or Arequipa.

  • 1 rain jacket

No matter when you travel, pack a light rain jacket or a rain poncho.

  • Swimsuit

Even if you are not visiting beaches, there are some areas of Peru where you can visit hot springs. We visited the thermal pools at Colca Lodge.

  • Underwear

Don’t forget the most important thing!


  • 1 pair of hiking shoes

On a trip to Peru you will surely take some hiking to the mountain and for that it is VERY important that you wear the right footwear. I have these hiking boots from Columbia and I recommend them because they are very comfortable. I wore them almost every day of my trip to Peru.

If you do not plan to go hiking, I recommend you pack some sport sneakers. If you travel during the rainy season, make sure you wear waterproof shoes for walking, as the floor gets very slippery.

  • 1 pair of sneakers

It’s important to pack some walking/athletic shoes to walk around the cities you visit. I always bring a pair of Vans shoes.

  • Flip flops

It is always good to pack a pair of flip flops or light sandals that you can wear in a hot day or to walk inside your hotel room.


    • Sunglasses
    • Hat or cap
    • Beanie, gloves and scarf: if you are going to visit Cusco during dry season the weather can be cold, and it will be good if you packed at least a scarf. I also recommend packing winter accesories if you plan to visit the Rainbow Mountain or some other mountain at high altitude.
    • Small/medium backpack: carry a backpack that you can wear every day. I’m a fan of Herschel backpacks.

Sweater Hat Backpack Packing Cubes

Things you can’t forget to pack for Peru:

  • Medications: aside from the regular medications that you pack for any trip, on a trip to Perú you should pack some medication for the altitude sickness like these Altitude Sickness Relief pills.
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sunscreen: Although it might not look like it, the sun in Peru is very strong so wear sunscreen every day even if it’s cloudy.
  • Water bottle: I always travel with a water bottle and fill it up at the hotel.
  • Universal adapter: For any trip what I always bring to ensure I can connect everywhere is a universal adapter. It’s much simpler than buying an adapter at each country you visit and you can buy one for only $10 at Amazon.
  • Packing cubes: Keep your suitcase organized with these packing cubes. They help you organize your clothes in smaller bags.
  • Portable Charger: A portable charger is definitely a must!

The ultimate Peru packing list in PDF

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Alisson Addler October 9, 2019 - 2:16 pm

Great packing list! I was hopping to travel to Peru next year, now I know what to have in my final checklist! Thanks a lot for this great post!


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