How to get from Stansted airport to London

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If you are planning a trip to London, it is very likely that your flight arrives to Stansted airport, located 50 km from the city. In this post I tell you how to get from Stansted Airport to London city centre.

Stansted Airport is one of the five airports in London. Despite being located 50 km from the centre, many flights arrive at this airport, specially the ones from low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet. There are several options to get to central London that vary in price and duration of the trip.



1. Stansted Express Train – the quickest option

The fastest way to get to central London from Stansted is by train. Stansted Express company operates with good frequency every day from 5:30 to 00:30. It is a very comfortable way to make the journey because you take the train at the airport itself.

There are 3 stations where the train stops in London:

  • Tottenham Hale – The duration of the trip is 36 minutes and you can connect with Victoria metro line.
  • London Liverpool Street Station – The duration of the trip is 47 minutes. This is the most central station, connected with the whole city of London by different metro lines.
  • Stratford – If you want to get to this station, you will have to change trains at Tottenham Hale.

The Stansted Express ticket costs around £16 although you can get a better price by booking in advance and buying tickets for more than one person. You can see the different options on the Stansted Express website.


2. Bus – the cheapest option

A much slower but also cheaper option is to take a bus. There are several companies that operate from Stansted to London. Some of them are:

  • National Express: It has 4 different lines with many stops in different areas of central London. The journey from Stansted to London Liverpool Street Station takes 1 hour 10 minutes. Tickets cost from £5 to £15.
  • Airport Bus Express: this company offers really cheap tickets, starting at £6. The bus goes from Stansted to London Liverpool Street Station in 1h 10 minutes, making a stop in Stratford.
  • Terravisión: Another cheap option to go from Stansted airport to London is the Terravisión bus. This company operates in several countries (I used it once in Milan). The ticket costs £12 and they have 2 destinations in London: Victoria Station or Bethnal Green, with a lot of stops in central places. Depending on where your accommodation is located in London, this option may be convenient regardless the length of your journey.

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3. Private transfer – the most comfortable option

If you want the most comfortable option so you don’t have to worry about a thing, it’s best to book a direct private transfer from Stansted to your accommodation in London. They will be waiting for you when your flight arrives and take you directly to your hotel

In addition to comfort, it is a very convenient option if you are traveling in a group of 4 or more people.

Book your transfer from Stansted to London here

4. Taxi – the most expensive option

The most expensive and least recommended option is to take a taxi at Stansted airport. At any other city in the world this is always a quick but expensive option. A taxi ride from Stansted to London will cost around £100 and up.

What’s the best option to get from Stansted Airport to London?

The reality is that the best option for you will depend on your budget and the time you have to explore the city. On my last trip to London I took the Stansted Express and it was an excellent option since I traveled very comfortably, I arrived early at Liverpool Street Station and I was able to explore the nearby area until it was time to check in at my accommodation.

If your priority is to get to the city quickly, take the Stansted Express.

If your priority is to save as much as possible and you don’t mind the traffic, take a bus.

If your priority is comfort or you’re traveling in a group, book a private transfer.

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