Colca Lodge Hotel – a stay in connection with nature

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    One of the things I like most about traveling is to discover unique, unusual places where you can live a different experience. And as for accommodation, I look for the same. Undoubtedly Colca Lodge is a place for those looking for a unique experience. Having stayed 2 nights in this hotel during my trip to Peru, I can say it was one of the best moments of the whole trip.  


Location and concept of Colca Lodge

Colca Lodge is a hotel located in the middle of the Colca Valley, about 3 hours by car from the city of Arequipa. Together with my boyfriend, we decided to rent a car to get there and it was the best desition. We were not only comfortable and traveling at our own pace, but we also enjoyed the incredible route with landscapes of mountains, lagoons, volcanoes and local wildlife.     

 Colca Lodge Hotel - a stay in connection with nature

Another way to get there is by public transport or tours that usually stop in the city of Chivay or Yanque, near Colca Lodge.

Colca Lodge is designed so guests can relax and disconnect completely from the routine. It is a place where you breathe nature. The hotel is located just on the shore of the Colca River, the protagonist of the region. 

Rooms at Colca Lodge

 Each room at Colca Lodge overlooks the incredible gardens and the valley. Even if you have the comfort of sleeping in a warm room, you can still feel that connection with nature that the whole complex has. The rooms have a rustic style but at the same time elegant. They are individual cabin-type rooms, inspired by the ancient pre-Inca constructions. The elements that prevail throughout the hotel are wood, straw and stone.


 The room I stayed was a Junior Suite. In addition to the huge bed the room had a living space with two armchairs, a table, refrigerator and electric kettle. It also had a desk and closet. It was a spacious room with all the amenities except for television, reinforcing this concept of connection with nature. The truth is when staying in a place like this, watching TV is the thing you will less think about doing. All rooms have their own free wifi.

  The bathroom was almost as big as the room. It had a shower, two sinks, toiletries and robes to use inside and outside the room. A detail that I loved was the shower, which had a small window so you can have a shower watching the sky above you.


Hot Springs and Spa

 Undoubtedly what stands out of the Colca Lodge besides its extraordinary location, is the possibility of relaxing in the thermal pools that are right next to the Colca River.

The truth is that we all love hot springs, but what’s better than having one in the hotel? Going out of your room in a robe and walking a few meters to take a bath is something unique. The Colca Lodge has 4 thermal pools with different temperatures.   

But the real gem of the hotel is its spa. Because if we are going to rest and disconnect, it is better to do it well. The Colca Lodge spa is designed so that each person has a unique experience.

There are many options for massages and treatments. And the best thing about the spa is the direct view of the river. The first day we had the pleasure of taking a Swedish massage in the spa and we were so relaxed! So much that I could not even take pictures of the place inside. The spa also has sauna space and an incredible hot spring pool! We were there until night, watching the stars and listening to the relaxing sound of the river. It was an incredible experience.

Restaurants inside the hotel

 The Colca Lodge is prepared so you don’t have to worry about going out in search of food. The hotel has two restaurants: a big one where breakfast-lunch-dinner are served and a smaller and intimate one where you can have dinner or lunch. Both restaurants have the same menu.

 There are many options, from international dishes to peruvian food. All very yummy and an excellent service. There is a traveler menu that includes an entree, main course, dessert and refreshment. We had dinner the two nights we were stayed and we loved the variety of things we could try. Some of the plates were: lomo salteado, causa vegana, chicken with champignon, pasta, quinoa imperial.

Breakfast at Colca Lodge

My favorite part of sleeping in hotels: breakfast. The Colca Lodge offers a varied buffet breakfast with fruits, breads, cold meats, jams, eggs, etc. There is a big room where breakfast is served but for me the best thing was to have the possibility of having breakfast in a terrace overlooking the valley.

Alpaca Ranch

A very curious part of this hotel and that you probably will not see often in others is that it has an alpaca ranch. To get there you have to cross a wooden bridge that crosses the river and makes it an adventure. On the ranch there are several types of alpacas.


A fundamental part of the Colca Lodge is the hotel staff. They make every guest have an amazing experience. Since you step on the door they are worrying about you, asking if there is something you need, explaining everything and being super nice. Undoubtedly, they worry that each person who is staying will have an unforgettable stay so thank you very much to the Colca Lodge staff! They made us feel very comfortable and welcome.

I recommend staying at Colca Lodge to anyone who wants to be in a unique place, with a dreamy landscape, looking foward to disconnect a few days, or rather reconnect with nature and with themselves. I think it is the perfect place for couples but also for families, or single travelers who are looking for this connection. For us, it was the perfect place to relax after hiking the Colca Canyon.

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The stay at the Colca Lodge was one of the most beautiful parts of the trip to Peru and I will surely return the next time I visit this great country. This post contains affiliate links. That means, if you click on certain links within this post and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

My stay was hosted by Colca Lodge Hotel. As always, all opinions are my own.

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