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One of the main concerns as travelers when planning a trip to Europe is the budget since many of the most popular destinations are expensive. In this post I compiled the 10 cheapest destinations in Europe to visit this year without spending too much.

The old continent has a large number of countries and cities to travel to. Obviously there are incredible cities like London, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam that are very popular and you have to visit at least once. But these are not the cheapest places to visit.

So if you are looking for a cheaper destination, the main thing is that you stay away from the most touristy areas. For example, Eastern European countries are cheaper and there are still many gems that have not become so touristy. In this list I compiled 10 destinations that, depending on the price of accommodation, activities and general prices, are the cheapest in Europe.

Top 10 cheapest european countries to visit:

1. Albania

cheapest european countries to visit

Albania is one of those European countries that we usually know little or nothing about. It is a country located on the Balkan peninsula and has nature, castles and archaeological sites. In the past years it has become really popular for being a cheap destination with amazing beaches on the Adriatic coast.

It is an ideal destination to travel around Europe for little money. You can book mid-range hotels for USD$30 a night like this one.

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2. Armenia

cheapest european countries to visit Armenia is one of the few countries that are located in both Asia and Europe at the same time. Armenia is one of the first Christian civilizations, so among its main tourist attractions are several temples and cathedrals. It is a country worth visiting because of its beautiful landscapes, cities with history and cheap prices compared to other countries within Europe.

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3. Bosnia y Herzegovina

cheapest european countries to visit

In the recent years Bosnia has been able to develop tourism and offers natural landscapes and cities like Sarajevo or Mostar for a very low cost. It allows you to see a very different Europe from what we usually know.

Bosnia is a European country with a very sad recent history because of the Bosnian war that happened between 1992 and 1995. During those 4 years many buildings in its capital Sarajevo were completely destroyed and much heritage was lost.

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4. Bulgaria

Los destinos más baratos de Europa

Bulgaria is another country located in the Balkans that has a lot to offer: cities with history, orthodox monasteries, heritage and beautiful beaches. It is simple and cheap to get to Bulgaria from other countries in Europe flying with Ryanair or Iberia, you can get flights for less than USD$50.

In its capital, Sofia, it is possible to get accommodation in hostels for USD$10 and in mid-range hotels for USD$40.

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5. Latvia

Los destinos más baratos de Europa

Located on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a country that surprises with its cities with medieval architecture, beaches and forests. If you are looking for tranquility within Europe this country is certainly a possible option at low cost.

The accommodation in its capital Riga, will cost you about USD$20 a night.

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6. Lithuania

Los destinos más baratos de Europa

And if you visit Latvia, you should also consider visiting Lithuania, a country located near Belarus with cities with medieval, Baroque and Gothic architecture. It is also a country that offers many outdoor activities.

In Vilnius, its capital, you can book hotels for USD$25 per night and meals are also accessible.

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7. Macedonia

Eastern European countries tend to be much cheaper, and North Macedonia is one of them. This country, which emerged in 1991 after gaining independence from the former Yugoslavia, is a cheap destination that has not yet been “taken advantage of” for tourism.

You cannot miss visiting Skopje, its capital city and Ohrid, declared a World Heritage Site where the incredible Monastery of Saint Naum is located.

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8. Polonia

Los destinos más baratos de Europa

Poland is a country with charming cities, impressive architecture and natural landscapes. It is also a country with a lot of history, having been invaded by the Nazis during World War II. If you are interested in history, in Poland you can visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, the largest camp located about 70 km from the city of Krakow.

Compared to Western Europe, Poland is a cheap country. You can get accommodation for about USD$10 in hostels and USD$40 in mid-range hotels like this one.

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9. Portugal

Los destinos más baratos de Europa

One of my favorite countries for a european escape. Beautiful beaches, cities, mountains… Portugal has everything and at a much lower price than other countries in Europe. It might be the most expensive country on this list but you can still travel on a budget in Portugal.

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Places you can’t miss in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, the beaches of Algarve and the Sintra Castle.

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10. Romania

Romania is a country in southeastern Europe with medieval cities, castles and nature. It is partly surrounded by the Carpathian mountains, giving it natural landscapes and incredible forests.

It is an ideal country to travel on a budget. In Bucharest, its capital, you can find hotels for USD$30 per night.

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I hope you liked this post about the cheapest european countries to visit and you are already planning your next trip! If you want to see more photos and tips from my trips, follow me on Instagram: @postcardsfromivi

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cheapest european countries to visit cheapest european countries to visit cheapest european countries to visit

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