Europe in March: Best places to visit in March in Europe

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March is a great month to visit Europe. The high season is over, the coldest winter months have passed and it is possible to find warm weather in many places. Temperatures are mild in many cities, crowds have reduced and it is possible to find cheaper accommodation prices. I’ve reached out to travelers who have been to european destinations in this month and put up together this list of best places to visit in March in Europe to help you decide where to go.


Best places to visit in March in Europe



Amsterdam has so many things to do in each season but March is the most popular time to visit because of the Spring colour pop in the entire country. The spring days paint a colorful canvas in Amsterdam against the cultural monuments protected under UNESCO and make for a lovely background for pictures of the museums. Yes, visiting museums is fun, but it is the season to get lost in the canals -Prisengracht, Keizergracht, Herengracht and Singel or simply enjoy a Stroopwafle sitting on its banks.

Spring really makes the city alive with over 300 festivals taking place only in Amsterdam. The festivals range from music concerts to film hosting to painting workshops to cooking classes – there is everything for all tastes and genres.

Europe in March: Best places to visit in March in Europe

While the local park – Vondelpark makes pays its homage to the country’s symbol – Tulip, a riot of colour awaits in the world renowned 80 acres Keukenhof Gardens. Less than an hour away by train from Amsterdam, the town of Lisse bursts with tulips of all sizes, shapes and colours. Keukenhof opens its doors for only 6 weeks (from mid-March to the start of May) and it holds an impressive collection of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. There are many activities to do, indoor museums to visit and cafes in Keukenhof, ensuring a day full of splendid memories.

Visitors can hire a bicycle and cycle past the tulips and flowers of the nearby farmers’ fields in Lisse. If you want to beat the crowd, then there are many tulip gardens around Amsterdam, such as Haarlem, Leiden and Dronten.

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by LooknWalk Greece

March is that perfect month when there are no holidays to drive the prices up and the weather is getting warmer. Yes, it can also be wet and windy (so pack that waterproof windbreaker) but traveling during the low season is an absolute delight when it comes to visiting Athens.

The best part about being sunny but not hot? You can wander around the town all day! Start with the Acropolis. Depending on how passionate you are about history, architecture, and Ancient Greece, you can spend anything from two to five hours exploring the site. And while you are at it, visit the Acropolis Museum, too.

My personal favorite is, however, the Ancient Greek Agora. It’s a pleasure to explore its vast expense (without the hordes of tourists, too). Plus, the green grass and the flowering trees make for a lovely backdrop. Looking for an off the beaten path thing to do in the heart of Athens? Don’t skip Anafiotika then: whitewashed houses, colorful shutters, narrow passageways, and a lot of cats!

March is also the time to head to the market. It’s when you can see the real Athens and get to meet the locals. Buy locally grown vegetables and then stop in the onsite taverna for some amazing Greek food.

Did you know that you don’t have to get to an island to get to the seashore? Glyfada is a suburb of Athens located on Athens Riviera. There’s something pretty magical about walking on the beach in wintertime. Further down the Riviera, there’s Vouliagmeni (home to the Lake with the same name) and even further away, the famous Cape Sounion (just make sure you check the weather for clear skies if you plan to see the stunning sunset).

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There is one main reason why you should visit Barcelona in March and is that the sun is shining there. Almost every city in Europe is quite cold in March but Barcelona is sunny and reaching 17 degrees, you can even have a coffee at the beach if you feel like it.

Besides the weather, there are some really cool events during March, like the International Beer Festival, where you can try several types of beer from all over the world, or the Barcelona Marathon, if you like to run you’ll love to do it among the most famous spots of the city and the Sant Medir Festival, a parade that go through the neighborhood of Gracia throwing candies to the kids.

Another good reason to spend March in Barcelona is that it is not crowded with tourists. It is almost impossible to walk through the city during the summer, the crowds are almost everywhere but, if you go there in the low season the city will be less full of people and with more space for you to wander around.

And with low season comes low prices. During March, Barcelona tend to be more affordable, so you can visit the city paying way less than in summer. So now you know, March is a great month to visit and fully enjoy one of the most popular cities of Europe.

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When you think about Europe’s highlights, Belgium might not be the first country to come to mind. However, the small country has many stunning cities with amazing architecture and history. One of Belgium’s most famous sights is the medieval city of Bruges. With over 1,2 million visitors a year, you won’t have the place to yourself, but don’t skip a visit to the Venice of the North.

There are activities for everyone, no matter where your interests lie. For history fanatics, visit the Gruuthuuse Museum to learn more about Bruges’ rich history or climb to the top of the Belfort to look down on the city from this 13th Century World Heritage tower.

When you are more into art and culture, make sure to stop in The Gezelle Museum (about writer Guide Gezelle), the Groeninge Museum (art) or enjoy a movie in cinema Lumiere, which shows quality world movies (and make sure to grab a drink afterwards in adjacent cult bar De Republiek). More about Belgian culture can be found in the Frietmuseum (French Fries), the biermuseum (beer) or Choco-story (chocolate). For some well needed quiet time, make sure to stop in the Beguinage and the Minnewaterpark. Romantics or families with children will also enjoy a trip with a horse drawn carriage or a boat tour on the canals.

March is a great time to visit Bruges and Belgium in general. The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are blooming. Spring is in the air which always adds that little something extra to the already charming feeling of the city.

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March is a great month to visit Budapest: the icy-cold days of January and February are finally over, while the confusing temperature tantrums of April are not there yet. The capital of Hungary can be discovered during a long weekend; just keep a small umbrella in your backpack.

If you are interested in discovering the fascinating Hungarian culture, make sure you visit on March 15th, the national holiday that celebrates the 1848 rebellion against Austrian rule. Plenty of cultural events take place in Budapest (especially at the Hungarian National Museum), parades with music and horses showcase historical military clothing, and museums open on special hours or at discounted prices. It’s the perfect occasion to visit the Parliament and see the Hungarian Crown for free (be ready to queue!), or to take a peek at incredible historical buildings that are usually closed to the public.

All through March, the best places to visit in Budapest are less crowded than during the summer months, when lots of river cruises make a stop during their trip along the Danube river. Make sure you visit the famous thermal baths early in the morning or late at night: the warm water in the outdoor pools will be steaming into the cold air, creating a magical atmosphere of relaxation (perfect for Instagram!)

Are you a fan of sunrises and sunsets? Grab your gear and head over to the Fisherman’s bastion, to the Parliament, or to Gellert Hill. Sunrise at approximately 6AM and sunset at around 6PM can fit easily in your sightseeing schedule, and reward you with amazing pictures and memories. What are you waiting for? Come to Budapest this March!

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Cinque Terre is cluster of 5 villages that are located along the seaside of the picturesque Riviera coastline in north-western Italy. The 5 villages – Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso, Riomaggiore, and Vernazza – have been around for centuries. Cinque Terre is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a national park and is one of the most popular destinations in Italy.

Europe in March: Cinque Terre, Italy

The best way to experience Cinque Terre is on foot or bike because vehicles are restricted in the villages. With all the sights, attractions, and activities you can find in Cinque Terre, you won’t miss having a car. March is a great month to visit Cinque Terre because it is the offseason.

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March is right on the nib of spring in Copenhagen where days start to get longer and warmer. Nonetheless, coffee lovers are sure to enjoy the annual Danish Coffee Festival brewing the best roasts of at least fifteen roasteries. The 108, a Michelin-star restaurant, also features a pop-up store at the Festival. Satisfy your sweet tooth with at Paradis in Osterbro which welcomes spring with a free ice cream day.

Alternatively, Fastelavn, or Shrove Tuesday, is a national holiday and best celebrated with the finest patisseries in anticipation for Lent, such as a traditional Fastelavnsbollen. The Copenhagen Chocolate Festival takes place between 9 and 10 March and includes a series of tastings, lectures, and workshops, covering all bases in the cocoa world. Exhibitors are both local and from abroad, and festival delights can be sampled at a once-off entrance fee. Right in the middle of the month is Little Culture Night, the perfect occasion to visit museums and immerse yourself in the local culture as galleries are open until late.

Despite being miles apart, Copenhagen also pays credence to the Irish St. Patrick’s Day on 17 March. As the month draws to its end, stop past CPH: DOX, Denmark’s number one film festival which runs from 20 to 31 March. End the month off on a fashionable note at the Copenhagen Vintage, a flea market dedicated to vintage outfits and vintage styled household ornaments.

Big on food, Copenhagen’s Reffen Street Food Market reopens mid-March in 2020 after an almost-three-year break. The entire Market occupies 10000 square meters of concerts, stalls and workshops. Cisterns, situated in Sondermarken Park, reopens annually in mid-March, as well. A must-see, Cisterns is unique as a has-been reservoir which now functions as an exhibition space for artists as well as an events venue. In March the streets of Copenhagen start to bustle and fun opportunities are all around.

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While Dublin is a great travel destination at any time of the year – in March it is truly magical. At the beginning of the month, Dublin is also home to the Dingle International Film Festival. You have the opportunity to see movies that you may not have been able to at home (wherever that is).

Later in the month, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, the city transforms into a sea of green, lined with smiling faces boasting Irish pride. The celebration in Dublin starts the week before St. Patrick’s Day so be sure to get there early! Even if you visit after St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish pride continues through the rest of the month.

Europe in March: Best places to visit in March in Europe

The weather in March will generally be mild, so you’ll only need a light jacket and jeans to keep you warm. However, be sure to pack enough green to wear throughout the trip. Legend has it that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns – so if you’re not wearing green you may be pinched! Bring comfortable shoes since most of the city is blocked off from cars and enjoy wandering the cobblestone streets.

While the crowds in Dublin during March are intense, you are able to sneak out and enjoy the local scene. Indulge in local favorites like coddle or colcannon washed down with a refreshing Guinness. Pubs around the city will have Irish specials and feature local, live musicians.

March brings new life to Dublin and shouldn’t be missed. From the Irish pride overflowing in the streets to the newly blooming flowers at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin never disappoints.

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Dusseldorf is located in the Northwest part of Germany and is considered a prosperous city with a lot of international visitor who attend their large Messe Fairs throughout the year. I have been visiting Dusseldorf every year in March for almost 9 years to attend a wine and spirits B2B trade show called Prowein. It is one of the largest wine and spirits trade shows in the world with over 6900 exhibitors pouring their best to the trade show buyers attendees.

The pulse of the nightlife of the city is found in Altstadt which is known as the “Old Town”. It is a wonderful area to visit throughout the day as you will find great restaurants, cozy bars and interesting shops. In the heart of Altstadt is Im Goldenen Kessel which is my favorite classic German Food Restaurant & Brewery serving terrific Altbier. It is situated close to the Rhine River and nearby you may visit St Lambertus Church which is a beautiful cathedral.

A good place to walk is the Konigsallee which is next to Altstadt. Here you will walk along the canal and the upscale stores and restaurants. If you are hungry and or want to bring back food then visit the Carlsplatz which is the best open air market in Dusseldorf. There you will find the locals doing their shopping for the week visiting the butcher, cheese mongers, desserts and local crafted wines and spirits from the numerous stalls. It is open Monday through Saturday during the daytime.

If the weather is agreeable to you and comfortable to walk around a nice walk in the gardens is the Nord Park with its expansive 70 hectares and please visit the popular Japanese Gardens. Dusseldorf also has the large Japanese population in Germany. If you enjoy Japan themed products and of course Japanese food then head over to the Japan Quarter which is know as “Little Tokyo” and visit the tea houses as well as the many sushi restaurants. Enjoy your time in Dusseldorf and don’t let it be only in March!

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If you are looking for iconic European destinations for a March trip, consider Florence, the crowning glory of Tuscany in Italy. Known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is a must-visit for lovers of art, of course, but the city also features locations with beautiful views, great food and wine, and delicious gelato.

Naturally, Florence is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, and can get really crowded (think claustrophobic) during the high season months. March, with its mild temperatures, is a shoulder season month, and a lovely time to visit. You will be able to see the famous statue of David and the world-famous art in the Uffizi Gallery without huge numbers of other visitors milling around!

There are lots of other fun things to do in Florence. Climb to the top of the Duomo for fantastic panoramas of the city. At sunset, visit Piazzale Michelangelo for another memorable view of the rooftops of Florence. Pop into some of the other famous Florence museums, such as the Bargello Museum, housed in a former prison, for lovely sculptures. Walk over Ponte Vecchio, the most famous Florentine bridge across the Arno River. Visit Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens on the other side.

During the day, the temperatures are generally in the low 60s Fahrenheit, so a light cover-up is all you will need to comfortably wander around the historic center. At night, bundle up into a cozy jacket and walk around to see all the monuments lit up!

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Galway, Ireland is charming any time of the year, but visiting in March can be particularly enjoyable. It might be rainy, it could be blustery, but it can also be fabulous whether the weather is gorgeous or not!

Visiting in the spring allows you to beat the summer tourist crowds, while still enjoying everything that welcoming Galway has to offer. This compact and very walkable city is jam packed with independent shops, restaurants focused on local west coast ingredients, and fantastic old-fashioned pubs. The craft beer scene is some of the best in the country. It is also a great place to enjoy traditional Irish music.

As an added bonus, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland with the locals, without having to deal with the madhouse Dublin can be on this all important Irish holiday. Galway celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with great enthusiasm, and it is amazing to be part of the fun. Be sure to secure a good spot for the parade early. After the parade, find a relatively quiet pub and enjoy the rest of the day with the locals! Salthill is a good place to go, and is only a 5-minute taxi ride away. You could also head to the west end of the city where it should be a little less crazy.

Take your time in Galway. If the weather is dreary in March, duck into a pub and experience the craic (lively talk) while you enjoy one locally brewed pint at a time. If the day is bright, relish the views of the River Corrib as it rushes out to Galway Bay.

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Inverness is one of Scotland’s most popular cities, which means it can be busy and expensive to visit in the spring and summer. March is one of the quieter months which means it is cheaper and accommodation is easy to find. However, most of the visitor sites are still open so there is plenty to do. Some of the all year round popular attractions include Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre, Clava Cairns, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness Castle Viewpoint and The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre.

If you are after some pretty scenery then take a cruise along Loch Ness and if you’re lucky there will be snow on the surrounding mountains. For an easy winter walk, take a stroll along the River Ness from the city centre to Ness Islands, a group of islands in the river which have handily been connected by a series of pretty Victorian foot bridges. If you need to warm up before returning to the centre, stop at Inverness Botanic Gardens and enjoy some tropical heat in the glasshouse.

The temperatures can be quite cold in Scotland during March but if you wrap up in layers, you will be fine. However, there are plenty of cafes and pubs to chill out in if you prefer to stay cosy indoors. The Castle Tavern dates back to the 1700s and there is no better way to keep warm in Scotland than relaxing in a historic inn with a local whisky in hand. Another popular choice is Hootananny, a pub with live music.

If you want to avoid high prices and crowds, March is a great time to visit Inverness.

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By March, Krakow has warmed considerably and the trees are starting to bloom. If you’re the kind of tourist who likes to walk everywhere, this makes it an ideal time to wander around the city, enjoy the beautiful architecture and see all the amazing street art in Krakow. And don’t forget to explore Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter, which is full of important history.

While the weather is nice, be sure to head out to the Krakus Mound for phenomenal views over the city. Afterwards, you can visit the Liban Quarry and the grounds of the former Krakow-Płaszów Concentration Camp, which has been turned into a lovely green space. Although the rainfall in March is fairly low, if you catch a bad patch of weather, there are plenty of indoor activities, including Schindler’s Factory or Wawel Castle.

Make sure you have enough time to take day trips to the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Both trips can be done individually or with a tour. And, as an added bonus, because it is the shoulder season, there won’t be as many tourists at these popular sites – however, it is worth booking ahead for many of them. For both Schindler’s Factor and Auschwitz, booking is required.

Lastly, Krakow is a must for foodies! Stop by one of the milk bars for cheap, local cuisine, or pop into one of the numerous vegan restaurants throughout the city. Bagels are originally from Poland and you can get a traditional obwarzanek krakowski (Krakow bagel) from street vendors all over the city.

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London is a beautiful city but visiting it at the right time of the year is essential. Visiting London in March is the perfect time for a few reasons. Firstly, it is starting to get a little warmer but you haven’t hit the rain storms that come with April. March is a quieter month too, it is out of season for tourists and there are no UK school holidays throughout the month.

Flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is coming out, making it the perfect time to explore the beautiful gardens of the city; our favourites are Regents Park and Greenwich park. Because of the dry and warmer weather, you can explore the city on foot; meaning you can take in the incredible architecture in London such as St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and, of course, Buckingham Palace.

It is also a great time to see the attractions that are normally a lot busier; book your tickets for Warner Bros Studio Tour if you are a Harry Potter fan or enjoy an afternoon tea at one of the many different hotels or restaurants in the city. Head to Leicester Square or Covent Garden to pick up discounted West End Show tickets.

London can be expensive but there are ways to see the sights without spending a fortune. Check out the free things to do in London such as the museums and parks; we love the V&A museum and the British Museum. Stay near an underground station and take advantage of the underground to get around and eat at local cafes, bakeries and restaurants that are away from the big tourist sights.

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Madrid is so lovely in late Winter and early Spring. The weather is starting to improve (less rain and warmer temperatures) and there are fewer travelers than in the following months. We love to stay in the Cortes area of Madrid. It is centrally located. You can walk to the train station and several metro stations. You have all of the major museums (e.g. El Prado, Museo Nacional Centro del Arte Reina Sofia) on your doorstep, gardens (e.g Parque El Retiro) and the food options are amazing.

If you are interested in seeing the famous Picasso painting Guernica at the Museo Nacional Centro del Arte Reina Sofia, take note that it is unusually closed on Tuesdays. While you can usually (in March at least) find a quiet spot to see it up close (unlike other very famous pieces of art like the Mona Lisa), you will not be able to take pictures. Flash or no flash, the rule is enforced quite thoroughly. You can take pictures in most of the rest of the museum which is definitely worth a look too.

If you fancy scrumptious local fresh food, try Tandem Restaurante (in the same area). Reservations are recommended but it is well worth it. It is a modernised tavern with few tables. You can order half-portions of most dishes like fresh mozzarella with sardines and pine nuts or peanut ice-cream. One of the best meals I have had in my entire life.

Finally, round up the delicious meal with a walk in the Parque El Retiro nearby. Locals and tourists alike come and spend time in this park and watch the world go-by.

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When it comes to the south of France, the city of Montpellier may not be the first place that comes to mind, especially since it’s not located within the famed region of Provence. But you know what? It should be, especially since Montpellier enjoys over 300 days of sunshine each year. This makes it a near-perfect destination to visit year-round but some months are even better than others. One of those better months just happens to be March- fewer crowds and temperatures that are most agréable.
No visit to Montpellier is complete without stopping for an aperitif (or two) at the beautiful Place de la Comédie. Located on the site where the city’s fortifications once stood, it’s one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, especially the “three ladies” that are the centerpiece of the fountain entitled “Three Graces.”
There’s no better way to explore this city and take advantage of the wondrous amount of sunshine than by walking the streets of Ecusson, the old town. You’ll come across weathered but still charming Mediterranean-looking buildings, outdoor cafes where you’ll lose track of the number of olives you consumed, and of course Montpellier’s own version of the Arc de Triomphe, the Porte du Pêyrou, located at the end of the Jardin Pêyrou.
Montpellier is truly the perfect spot to soak in all things French- the culture, the cuisine, the lifestyle. It doesn’t have the droves of tourists that other cities in France do, nor the high costs that you’ll find in Paris, and it makes your time there feel that much more authentique.

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Nuremberg is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, and it’s filled with history and impressive architecture. There’s castles, cobble-stoned streets and good food. Just a short 1 hour train ride north of Munich, Spring hits Nuremberg in March, making it an ideal time to visit. You can avoid the freezing cold of the winter months, and avoid the crowds of tourists that flock to the area in summer.

Your first stop should be Nuremberg Castle, the dominating landmark of the city. Take a walk up the winding, cobblestoned road leading to the castle and admire the view from the top and take in the medieval architecture. Stop for coffee in the Old Town which is characterised by old, colourful buildings, before wandering the romantic bridges in the area.

Opt to visit the Documentation Centre and Nazi Rally Party grounds to learn about Nuremberg’s dark past, which is just a 10-minute tram ride away from the centre of the city. Spend an afternoon shopping in the central streets of Nuremberg with the castle looming over you in the background. You can stop off at the Way of Human Rights, looking out for street performers along the way. Most importantly, don’t forget to stop for ice-cream at one of the numerous ice-cream parlours.

Offering endless cafes, restaurants and bars, you can opt for a traditional German meal at Albrect Durer Stube which is drenched in medieval charm, or head to Frank’ness restaurant for a cosy and cool dinner with drinks. Head out to Vintage Bar for a huge selection of world class, traditional cocktails, or if you are looking for live music and a trendy crowd, head to Loom Cocktail Bar and Restaurant.

Visiting Nuremberg in March gives you the best weather to enjoy this medieval city with so much to offer, without the crazy crowds of tourists, so, get packing!

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While the rest of the continent is drizzly and overcast in March, it brings perfect sightseeing weather to Palermo, the spectacularly underrated Sicilian capital.

Palermo has a reputation as a sensual city thanks to its balmy climate, tall palms, baroque architecture, colourful street life, and souk-like street markets. It’s the perfect place to perk up an otherwise dreary time of year. Plus, it’s good value, isn’t overrun with tourists, and the food is excellent.

This part of Sicily sees up to 6 hours of sunshine in March (that’s 2 more than London), and by the end of the month, you might be strolling around in your T-shirt. If it does happen to rain, it will probably be short-lived but thankfully some of the best things to see in Palermo are indoors anyway – don’t miss the dazzling UNESCO-listed church ceilings which draw on influences from across the Mediterranean – Arab, Byzantine, French, Jewish.

It’s also one of the best destinations in Italy for foodies, with three noisy open-air food markets (and countless smaller ones) which are a feast for the senses, and a street food tradition that goes back centuries. In the evening, make a beeline for the Teatro Massimo – the largest opera house in Italy. A night at the opera is still very much part of local life here and ticket prices are budget-friendly.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a fairytale city, Prague is the place for you. With its pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets, it feels like a real-life Disney village! March is a great time to visit since the cold winter weather is starting to break, but the summer crowds haven’t returned yet. Without the crowds, you’ll be able to visit the most famous tourist spots without waiting in long lines or missing out on availability. So what should you do in Prague in March? Keep reading.

Walk the Charles Bridge. If you do nothing else during your time in Prague, you have to walk over the Charles Bridge. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in the Czech Republic, connecting two parts of the city over the Vltava River. The centuries-old statues still line the sides of the bridge, and there’s a collection of love locks in the middle.

Visit Old Town Square.Located at the center of Prague, Old Town Square is the mecca of tourists. This is where you’ll find another famous landmark – the astronomical clock, located right on Old Town Hall. It’s the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still operational. In the town square you’ll have panoramic views of gorgeous old buildings, with statues and street performers in between. It’s definitely worth a visit.

See the John Lennon Wall.
The graffiti haven of Prague, the John Lennon wall has become Instagram famous. Located near the end of Charles Bridge, check it out to see the newest additions – and add your own!

Eat Trdelnik. Yes, it looks hard to pronounce, but you don’t need to say it perfectly to enjoy this delicious treat! Trdelnik is the classic dessert or Prague, made from a soft, doughy cone and filled with ice cream – then topped with more goodies! Get one. You won’t regret it.

Cruise Down the Vltava River. The best views in Prague are definitely from the water! Book a lunch cruise along the river and get gorgeous views of the sites. From the boat you’ll be able to see the Prague Castle, Dancing House, Charles Bridge, and more. Ready to visit Prague in March? Now you’ve got an itinerary of things to do. Even better, the city is very walkable – and the weather in March is perfect for doing just that. Na zdraví!

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While the masses flock to Iceland during the summer, March is actually an excellent time to visit; safely out of its coldest months and with the number of daylight hours rapidly increasing, it is still long before peak season hits so you can explore Reykjavik in veritable peace.
The milder temperatures (around 4°C) lend themselves well to exploring this relatively compact city on foot; start at Hallgrímskirkja Church, a very unique architectural design that at 72 metres tall, dominates Reykjavik’s skyline. Go all the way to the top and visit the observation deck for a bird’s eye view of the city with a stunning mountain backdrop.
Best places to visit in March in Europe
The Old Harbour is lined with lots of bars and restaurants (try Fiskfélagið for some splendid seafood) and the Omnom Chocolate Factory; take a tour before indulging in a chocolate tasting. For those of you that are partial to a bit of shopping, don’t skip a stroll along Laugavegur, where there are no end of interesting and quirky boutique shops, interspersed with lots of excellent cafés and bars for the best people watching in the city.
Top Tip: to combat Iceland’s tendency to be a little pricy for the most of us, download the app “Appy Hour” which details the timings, locations and prices of the happy hours in Reykjavik’s bars and restaurants.
There is no shortage of things to do outside the capital if you want to see some of the wonderful natural landscapes that Iceland is famed for. Reykjavik is a great base for a road trip round the Golden Circle a trifecta of geysers, waterfalls and the rift between the two tectonic plates at the historical Thingvellir National Park.


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Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and a must see if on a trip to Italy. Receiving high numbers of tourists throughout the year, the Italian capital is a great place to visit during the spring months – especially the early spring, like March, when it starts being in bloom but it’s yet to get into the peak season.

March is when the summer schedule for the tourist attractions in town kicks in, and the days are longer – this means you have more time during the day to explore all there is to see. One thing you may want to consider if you decide to visit Rome in March is whether Easter falls within the time of your visit, as if that is the case, the city may get significantly crowded and you may want to delay your trip there of a week or so.

There is a wealth of places to visit in Rome, so make sure to plan to spend at least four full days there to discover all that it has to offer. Among the places you must not miss, there are the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the city’s most classic sight; the Vatican with St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel (though technically not Rome!); the historical center of Rome with the many gorgeous squares such as Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps; the art galleries such as Villa Borghese.

No matter when you are planning to go, make sure to get tickets to the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel well in advance, as these sites (along with many others in Rome) function on time slots and allow a limited number of visitors each time. Make sure to also visit Trastevere for the incredible nightlife, and the Jewish Ghetto to taste the famous Roman Kosher cuisine.

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Nestled along B179 is a cute the market town of Reutte, Austria. Here you will find plenty of things to explore and do with the whole family.

When Mommy And Me Travels visited we found that our family highlight was hiking up to the Highline 179 Suspension Bridge. As you pass through the town of Reutte, you will immediately notice a suspension bridge high above. To access the bridge you will have to take a short hike up a well-marked path that kids of all ages are able to accomplish or parents can easily carry an infant. At this location you will be able to visit the ruins of Ehrenburg and Fort Claudia. Each ruin sits on opposite sides of Highline 179.

Also, make sure you check out Lake Plansee during your visit. This is a great location for land and water activities. Since March is just at the start of spring weather you will get to experience all of these fun activities and not be too hot during your hike or too cold when you visit the lake to take in its beauty.

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Seville, the capital of the Andalucia region located in the South of Spain, will have you head over heels in no time with its Moorish architecture, enthralling flamenco bars, rich history, and mouthwatering food.

March is a great time to visit Seville! The city comes alive as the temperature becomes warmer, and the orange blossoming marks the beginning of Spring. Another great reason to visit in March, the tourist season hasn’t reached summer’s peak, which also means hotel prices are much lower. You don’t want to get caught in Seville infamous summer heat and crowd!

Things you cannot miss in Seville: Visit the world-famous Real Alcazar de Seville. Real Alcazar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and by far the most iconic monument in Seville. Every year more than 500,000 visitors flock to the impressive palace. Admire the Cathedral de Seville: Santa Maria de la Sede, also known as Seville Cathedral, is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage. Get lost in the old Jewish Quarter, Barrio Santa Cruz: The Barrio Santa Cruz is the heart of Seville, where you will find many of the sights. The old quarter’s winding streets make the perfect place for aimless wandering! Stroll Plaza de España: nested in the beautiful Maria Luisa Park, it’s a spectacular sight that you cannot miss when visiting Seville. Watch a Flamenco Show: Flamenco show is a must when you visit Seville – the dance was originated in Andalusia after all, and Seville lives and breathes flamenco. Go on a food tour: Seville is renowned for its food! Learn about the regional tapas and the local culinary traditions.

Tips: Buy all your tickets in advance! They tend to sell out fast. For a complete Seville, guide check out 3 days in Seville itinerary.

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Skopje is the capital of Northern Macedonia. It is not yet a popular travel destination, but it is worth to choose this place as a weekend-away destination in March. As it is not a big metropolis, it is possible to visit Skopje in a day or a weekend. You can fly to Skopje with low-cost airlines Wizz Air from many places in Europe (for example, from London, Barcelona, Oslo, Rome, many cities in Germany and Sweden and more).

Kale Fortress in the old town in Skopje, Macedonia

The first impression the Skopje city center makes can be surprising. Many people say that the heart of Skopje is kitschy, but it’s worth checking it out for yourself. Many new buildings are stylized as antiques, and the main square is filled with massive monuments. Near the new city center, there is an old city, which contrasts with the modern part of Skopje. This is where the Old Bazaar is located and where you can feel as if you went back in time. It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs, drink strong Turkish coffee, have a Balkan-style dinner, and get lost in the narrow bazaar paths.

The next interesting attraction in Skopje is Kale Fortress. The entrance is free, and it is a great place to admire a beautiful view of the city. For even better views, it is worth going to the Vodno Mountain. You can get there by cable car.

We visited Skopje in early March and were surprised by the sunny and warm weather. March is a month when there are not many tourists in Skopje, and the weather is perfect for long sightseeing, having a drink in a beer garden or outdoor lunch.

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Iceland is an island quite unlike any other island I’ve ever visited. The population is small, and its villages have inhabitants that number in the double digits. Vik is one such village, but it is one of the most popular villages for tourists because of the many attractions that lay within easy reach.

Firstly, Vik itself has a famous white church known as the Vik church. It sits on top of a hill and is very noticeable. Rumours have it that in the event of a volcanic explosion (and Iceland has hundreds of active volcanoes!), that is the place the villagers run to for safety and shelter.

But if churches aren’t your thing, then Vik is the perfect place in March to hit up some nearby attractions. The most prominent landmark is the famous Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach where yes, the sands are indeed a gorgeous jet black. The black colour comes from the fact that they are actually volcanic rock!! If you head to Reynisfjara, you should also check out the hexagonal basalt columns and the Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks – all famous sights that you will see in my post.

There is one thing you should be aware of, however, and that is the sneaker waves. Regardless of when you visit, Iceland’s infamous sneaker waves are lethal and have taken more lives than it should have. They are waves that appear seemingly innocuous – distant and calm – but the moment you turn your back, the waves crash onto the shore and drag you out. It’s a real danger. So watch out for that!

Once done with the beach, you can head to the nearby cafe for some amazing Icelandic meat stew. Alternatively, head towards Dyrholaey Arch (for the puffins), Solheimajokull (for some awesome glacier hiking, which I’ve also written about) and the crash site of a DC plane (for the ‘gram). So many things to see and do, and Vik is the perfect base to do them all!

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I hope you liked this post about the best places to visit in Europe in March and are already planning your trip. Thanks to all the travel bloggers who’ve participated in this collab post!

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Would love to visit Slovenia someday! Thank you 🙂

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Great list. My favorite place in Europe is Slovenia. But this year I am going to visit Brugge! The photos are impressive. Thanks!

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Love that you have Nuremberg in your list! My hometown kinda… 🙂

Kirstie Will Travel February 1, 2020 - 6:51 pm

Great post! Time to start planning some March trips!

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Europe is a great place to visit anytime. March is starting to warm up so you can see many things without freezing or boiling. I loved your photos.

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