Things to do in Bariloche in summer

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Bariloche is one of the largest tourist destinations in Argentina and can be enjoyed in every season of the year. Visiting Bariloche in summer is ideal for those who love outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, kayaking and other watersports. In this post you’ll learn about the best things to do in Bariloche in summer.

10 best things to do in Bariloche in summer

1. Enjoy the beaches

If you think in Bariloche and imagine snow and cold weather you’re wrong! During summer the temperature can be quite high and what better plan than to go to the beach? The water is quite cold but many people still get in on hot days.

There are several beaches on Lake Nahuel Huapi, Lake Gutierrez, Lake Mascardi, Bahía López, among others. These are some of the best-known beaches:

  • Playa Bonita: As its name indicates, it is a super beautiful beach and one of the most visited! You can get there by bus.
  • Playa del centro: It is not the most beautiful beach but if you are staying in the center of Bariloche it is the closest option.
  • Playa del Centenario: It is located 1.5 km from the Civic Center. It is wide and windy, ideal for windsurfing.
  • Bahía Serena: They say it is the beach with the warmest water. It also has sand and can be reached by bus.
  • Playas del Lago Gutierrez: one of the most visited places in summer is Lake Gutierrez. Here you will find several easily accessible beaches, with restaurants and services nearby.

If you want to know more about Bariloche read: Things to do in Bariloche

2. Trekkings

Summer is the ideal time to go trekking and enjoy nature and the incredible landscapes of Bariloche. There are treks for all difficulties so I recommend you try at least one with short duration and low difficulty.

You can also do longer treks to mountain refuges, where you can spend the night. Here are some of the most popular treks:

  • Laguna Negra: medium difficulty, 5-6 hours (one way). A tour that starts from Colonia Swiza and ends at a refuge with a view of the Black Lagoon. I absolutely loved this one!
  • Refugio Frey: medium difficulty, 8 hours round trip. The shelter is located at the foot of the Frey needle of Cerro Catedral
  • Refugio Jakob: medium difficulty, 4-5 hours (one way): the refuge is 1600 meters above sea level, near the Témpanos lagoon.
  • Refugio López: low-medium difficulty, 3 hours (one way): the path begins in Circuito Chico and is one of the most accessible refuges.

3. Rafting

For the more adventurous, a great activity to do in Bariloche in summer is rafting. This activity is usually practiced in the Manso River, which allows you to enjoy the forest and the incredible Patagonian landscapes. This tour includes pick up and drop off in the hotels.

Book here a rafting tour in Rio Manso

4. Kayak

Things to do in Bariloche in summer

Lago Gutierrez

If you want to enjoy the lakes of Bariloche but in a calmer way, a good option is to go kayaking. In summer you will be able to do this activity on almost all the beaches in the area. If you already have experience you can rent a kayak freely and if you are a beginner I recommend doing a guided activity like this kayak tour in Nahuel Huapi or Moreno lakes.

5. Circuito Chico

Things to do in Bariloche in summerThe Small Circuit is a great activity all year round. It is a route with spectacular views that can be done by car, by bike or on a tour. This route goes through different important points where you can appreciate the nature of the place.

The route is approximately 60 kilometers and crosses the Nahuel Huapi National Park and the Llao Llao Municipal Park.

Book your tour to Circuito Chico here

6. Cerro Campanario

Things to do in Bariloche in summerCerro Campanario is one of the best things to do in Bariloche since it has an incredible view (for me, the best view of Bariloche). From its summit you can see Lake Nahuel Huapi and Moreno, Cerro Otto and Cerro Catedral, among others. Upstairs there is a small cafe where you can drink a coffee and enjoy the view.

To go up you can choose to do it on foot or by chairlift. The walk lasts around 30 minutes, the difficulty ism low and it’s free. If you choose to go up by chairlift, the ticket is purchased at the base of the cerro and it is not necessary to reserve in advance.

7. Bariloche breweries

If you like beer you are in the ideal place. Bariloche has a large number of craft breweries where you can go and taste different types while enjoying the best landscapes. There are also several places that also offer brewery tours. Some of the best-known breweries in Bariloche are: Patagonia, Berlina, Manush, Kunstmann and Bachmann.

Things to do in Bariloche in summer

The amazing view from Cervecería Patagonia in Circuito Chico

8. Sailboat trip on Nahuel Huapi Lake

If you are looking for a unique experience to do in summer in Bariloche, taking a sailing trip on Nahuel Huapi is your option. This tour departs from Puerto Petunia and includes a snack. They have two departures each day, at 1:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m.

Reservá acá un paseo en velero por el Nahuel Huapi

9. Arrayanes Forest

One of the most popular tours in Bariloche is Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest. It is a boat excursion that starts at Puerto Pañuelo in Bariloche.

Arrayanes Forests takes its name from the typical trees of this region of Argentina. Victoria Island is a small island with unique landscape

Book your tour to Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest here

10. Puerto Blest and Los Cantaros Waterfall

Another ideal excursion for the summer is Puerto Blest and Los Cántaros Waterfall. It is a boat trip that takes practically an entire day. The excursion begins in Puerto Pañuelo, passing through the Centinela islet, the Cántaros Waterfall and Puerto Blest. This tour includes the transfer from the hotel in Bariloche and an audio guide in english (and other languages) during the boat trip.

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Things to do in Bariloche in summer Things to do in Bariloche in summer Things to do in Bariloche in summer

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