20 Christmas gifts ideas for travelers

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 We are close to Christmas and even though the most important thing is to spend time with friends and family on this special night, there is always an object that a traveler might find useful. In this you will find 20 Christmas Gifts ideas for travelers. So if you have a friend or family who loves to travel, for sure you will find an original travel gift for christmas.

20 Christmas gifts ideas for travelers:

1. Camera

If you’re looking for a gift for a photography lover, nothing will surprise him/her more than camera. What camera to buy? Although the best thing to do professional photos is to have a SLR camera, there are really good compact cameras that allow you to take photos of excellent quality and are much lighter than a SLR, making it an excellent option for travelers.

Christmas gifts for travelers

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini

You’ve probably heard about these Fuji instant cameras that are so popular. You can’t achieve quality with this cameras but they are fun to use and capture memories. The pictures are super cute to decor your walls or put in your travel notebook to remember every day of your trip. In addition to the cameras itself you can buy accessories such as albums, frames, stickers and more!

3. Drone

Continuing with the photography gifts, a drone is something that any traveler would love to film all their travels from above. The best drone manufacturer today is DJI. I have the DJI Mavic Air and I love it because it is super light, easy to transport and records in high quality. There are also more affordable models like the DJI Spark which is also super recommendable.

4. Tripod

If your friend already has a camera, I’m sure he/she would love a useful accessory like a tripod. There are affordable options like this Amazon Basics Tripod. I have it and love it because it’s super light and easy to carry on a trip. And if your traveler friend is more into recording videos with the phone, you can get him/her a good stabilizer like the DJI Osmo Mobile.

5. Kindle

For readers, there is one thing that they will love for Christmas and is a Kindle. It allows you to transport and read thousands of books without carrying weight in your backpack. Ideal for travellers that love reading.

6. Camera Backpack

A travel photographer is not complete without his camera backpack. There are backpacks and handbags specifically designed to carry cameras, lenses and other photography accessories. The good thing is that in addition to keeping the cameras safe, the camera bags look like normal bags and you don’t seem to be carrying thousands of dollar equipment.

7. Travel guide

A great gift for a traveler is a book or travel guide of the destination of his/her upcoming trip. Lonely Planet has guides from every country and they are great.

8. Passport holder

The perfect gift to protect the most beloved object in our travels: a passport cover. They come in lots of colors and designs for every traveller.

Christmas gifts for travelers

9. Suitcase protector

Another awesome accessory is a suitcase protector/cover. They come in a lot of colors and designs and allow you to easily identify your suitcase. 

10. Luggage tag

Another gift for the suitcase that is really affordable and useful is a suitcase tag. There are many designs and you can even collect them.

11. Travel pillow

For a long trip, a travel pillow is a must. This one comes in a kit along with a sleep mask, ear plugs and a bag.

12. Packing cubes

The best way to keep all your clothes organized are the packing cubes

13. Travel toiletry bag

Another very useful gift is a travel bag. Some come with many compartments, pockets and can even be hung. This way you can keep all your toiletry stuff and makeup in order.

14. Universal adapter

Although it seems like a very basic gift for Christmas, believe me this is something that every traveler needs. A universal adapter has compatibility with more than 150 countries and you will never have to buy adaptors in every country you visit. 

15. Backpack

An excellent Christmas present for a traveler is a backpack. It can be a backpacking backpack, the Osprey brand has excellent quality. Or it can also be a smaller backpack to use as a handbag. My favorite brand of backpacks is Herschel, they have a lot of models and their quality is amazing. If you’re interested you can read my review about more models in: 10 BEST HERSCHEL BACKPACKS FOR TRAVELERS.

16. World Globe

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of having a world globe? A cool gift idea that every traveller would love.

17. Scratch World Map

Another option to decorate a house is the Scratch Off World Map. It comes in different sizes and models. The idea is to scratch off the world destinations to reveal the colors. 

18. Traveler’s Watch

To remember how beautiful it is to travel every time you look at the time, this Travel The World watch is the best. A super original and yet affordable gift.

19. Travel notebook

 Another cool gift idea is a travel book so that your friend can write all his/her adventures around the world. You can buy one or make it more personal and design it yourself with pictures or drawings of a specific destination.

10. A trip

 Obviously this is the best gift that any traveler could ask for. Nothing beats getting a trip as a Christmas present. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to a distant destination. It can be a getaway within your country or city, a weekend in a hotel in your city or an experience (like a boat trip, a spa day, etc). There are many options and your traveler friend is going to be very happy with this gift!

That’s all travelers. I hope the list will help you find Christmas gifts ideas for travelers. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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