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 The world is going through a terrible situation due to the coronavirus, and this directly affects the tourism industry. Most countries have closed its borders and we don’t know when we’ll be able to plan our next trip. Despite that, there are many ways to keep our travel spirit alive while we stay at home and that’s why in this post I give you 10 ideas to travel the world from home.

It’s not necessary to take a plane to transport mentally to a new destination. Memories, movies, food … There are many ways to travel from the comfort of our home.

10 ideas to travel the world from home:

1. Watch travel movies or tv shows

Best traveling movies

 There are many movies and tv shows that take us from our couch to exotic destinations and incredible cities. Quarantine is the best time to enjoy spending hours in front of the TV without guilt. In this post I recommended 10 travel movies to inspire your wanderlust.

 As for tv shows, here is a list of some of my favorite and where they will make you travel: Outlander (Scotland, Paris and Boston), Gossip Girl (New York), House of Cards (Washington DC), Game of Thrones (Ireland , Croatia, Spain and others), Sherlock (London), Peaky Blinders (Birmingham), How I met your mother (New York) and Vikings (Scandinavia). There are also many travel documentaries that you can find on Netflix.

2. Take virtual tours to museums and historical sites

 Many of the most important museums in the world offer virtual tours of their collections which is a great option for traveling without leaving home. Here are the links:

 In addition to these museums, I recommend checking the Google arts and culture website which offers articles with art and history curiosities and also virtual tours to places of interest such as the Sydney Opera House or the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala.

 Another way to virtually travel to another place is to spy on worldwide cameras that stream live 24/7. In sites like EarthCam you can check out what’s happening right now in popular places like Times Square in New York, Temple Bar in Dublin or the Eiffel Tower. Isn’t that great?

Discover more places here: 10 architecture masterpieces you can virtually visit

3. Watch Youtube travel vlogs

There are many youtubers who have really interesting and fun videos about their travels. There is some really great content and it’s completely free so if you’re bored, consider watching videos of your favorite creators who really need your support right now. 

4. Cook dishes from around the world

  In my opinion food is an essential part of travel as it represents the local culture. In every destination I travel to, I always try the traditional food.

Now that we all have time to cook at home, why not cook your favorite dish from some destination you’ve been to? You can even plan a country-inspired night and dress for the occasion or decorate the table with the colors of the place, etc. On my Pinterest I have a board with recipes from different parts of the world to inspire you, check it out: Food & Travel

5. Read travel books

 Books transport us to other times, places and universes. During quarantine reading travel books will make you feel some adventure. The travel books that inspired me the most are: Into de Wild by Jon Krakauer, On the road by Jack Kerouac and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. 

Some famous travel bloggers and influencers have also written their own travel books and guides like Nomaidc Matt’s book Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home or Aggie Lal’s book InstaTravel

6. Learn a new language

 A great thing to spend your time on is learning a new language or practicing a language that you have forgotten. Not only you will keep your mind busy but learning at least some useful phrases in a new language will be very useful to communicate on your next trip.

Today there are many apps and platforms where you can study languages remotely, some of them are even free. The most known lanuage platforms are: Duolingo, HelloTalk, Rype, Memrise and Babbel.

7. Remember your past travels

 They say a journey is lived three times: When you dream it, when you live it, and when you remember it. Well it is now time to remember all those trips you already made, organize your postcards, attraction tickets and all those papers that we collect from each destination. 

 Instead of leaving everything in a drawer, you can put together a travel diary where you compile all those memories. On the following Pinterest board, I saved some travel srapbook ideas for you to get inspired: Travel from home

8. Take a photo tour from your home

 Without leaving your house, grab your camera take photos at what you see from your window. Find interesting things in everyday life. You can also take photos inside your house, why not? This is an activity that I’ve been doing in the last days and really enjoyed it. You can see the photos I took on my Instagram stories

9. Decorate your home with photos and objects from your trips

 If you still don’t have a traveling corner in your house, now is the time to build one. You can print photos of your travels and hang them on the wall, put together travel inspired board, paint a world map on your wall, cut out magazines with photos of destinations you want to go to and more.

Having a little travel corner inside your house is something that will put you in a good mood and inspire you.

10. Read travel blogs

Even if you can’t plan a trip right now, you can read about future travels. Also, there are many travel blogs that not only share itineraries but also articles with anecdotes and stories. On my blog you can find some articles of this style in the “inspiration” section. It is a good time to visit and support your favorite blogs since like tourism companies, travel blogs are also having a very bad time.

I hope you liked this 10 ideas to travel the world from home! If you want to see what I’m doing these days, follow me on Instagram:@postcardsfromivi

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