Postcard of the week: the stunning view of Prague from Letná Park

Letná park


A beautiful city known for its many bridges over the Vltava river. The most known, Charles Bridge, included. But the most famous postcard from Prague would definitely be the one taken at the beginning of Charles Bridge with the view over Prague Castle. I thought I could show you another view, equally as beautiful as the one I just mentioned. Just remember the name of this place, Letná Park. It’s kinda hipster place. Unless it’s covered with snow (which, though, would make the view even nicer), you’ll find many skateboarders there. This place is never abandoned. You’ll always see people sitting on the wall covered with graffiti. And you should do the same… Grab some Czech beer and friends and enjoy this beautiful view!

From: Misa Vavrinova

 I loved this week’s postcard from Prague! Letná Park seems to be such an interesting place and the view is really amazing. Thanks for the postcard Misa! Have you ever been to Prague? I haven’t been yet but I’d love to, there’s so much history and beauty in this city.

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