Postcard of the week: Valletta , Malta.

Postcard from Valletta, MaltaLooking back at Valletta from Fort Saint Elmo. At the bottom of the hill that is Valletta, on the tip of the peninsula sits a fort and wonderful war museum. Valletta has a beautiful skyline which only really takes shape if you see it from the water. If you can’t get out to the water Fort Saint Elmo offers you a chance to see the city from a distance from the right angle. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for a good reason. It is filled with history, a mashup of different influencing cultures, and has the honor of being the first planned city in Europe. Being trapped on a peninsula the city has only been able to grow to a point, that point reached long ago, so there are very few modern buildings to be found. It has great transportation links to the rest of Malta and doesn’t have the feel of a resort town making it the ideal location for anyone looking to explore Malta. It has the highest amount of sunshine hours per year for any location in Europe and an average of 90, only 90 days of rain a year. So if you’re looking for sun Malta is a great place to go.

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Postcard from Valletta -Malta

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