Postcard of the week: Mount Pilatus – Lucerne, Swiss Alps

“Greetings from the Swiss Alps! This photo was taken at the very beautiful and very cold summit of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, Switzerland. I had made this journey by myself to explore the tops of the mountains and never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the views that I would see. On one side of the lookout the layers of frosted mountains seemed to go on forever. On the other side, the side where this photo was taken, the blanket of clouds stretched for as far as my eye could see. It was truly an incredible sight, like something out of a travel magazine and it is a day this nature lover will never forget. I even saw a wild mountain goat perched ever so majestically at the top of a mountain nearby! He stayed there long enough for me to take a couple of photos then just like that he was gone, navigating the rugged mountain with ease.Mount Pilatus - Lucerne, Swiss Alps
The best part about this experience was that it is very accessible for anyone who is visiting Lucerne – just a 15 minute bus ride from town and a couple of cable cars to the summit or you can take the longer journey in the worlds steepest cogwheel train! You can even buy multi-day passes which saves a lot of money and allows you to go mountain hopping each day, which is what I did. Of course there is a lot of hiking for those who love to hike, but I love that the mountain top is accessible to families and people of all ages so that nobody has to miss out on the awe-inspiring adventure.”

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Mount Pilatus - Lucerne, Swiss Alps

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